The Stamp

My name is Ɓukasz and I am the creator of the Friday Weekend Entertainment service. It lets users to do random (or synchronized with a real control event) assignment event to people. You can access my application at Interesting feature of the name itself is that each of its part has exactly 13 letters. This is what I use when creating the stamp:

              F R I D A Y W E E K E N D
              E N T E R T A I N M E N T

I am a master of engineering in mathematics science. My thesis is "Description of stable stratiegies according to von Neuman - Morgernsern in choosen coalition games". The Friady Weekend Entertainment service is my variation on this topic.

I noticed that my page is mysterious and unanderstandable for an occasional visitor. I decided to describe here usecases of my service. In the following chapters you will find detailed instructions how one can use my application.


Generalizing, to create any game you need to click button Create a Weekend. Next you need to add proper amount of entertainments. For each entertainment you should consciously set minimal and maximal players number.

Next choose the lottery date & time. Here you should again consciously set minimal required and maximal allowed players number. There is few more options which I will describe below.

We can decide about what happens when there is no required players number at the time when lottery starts. There are two options. The first one is to add an extra time and wait for more players. Each time when lottery should start the service will check if there are already at least required number of players and if there is not - alghoritm will add extra time and wait for more players. The other option is not to wait for the players, but do a common action in computer games - fill missing places with computer players :)

Each lottery is a zero sum game. This means few players gains extra points. But at the same time few of the players need to give points out. The sum is always zero. In the nature nothing is lost :)

At the lottery time players get assigned to the entertainments according to free places on each and every entertainment on the list. During the configuration of the lottery date we can also set the number of entertainments to be highlighted. Highlighted entertainments are the winning ones. So peoples assigned to these highlighted entertainments are the ones who gain points. Peoples assigned to entertainments which was not highlighted are the ones who loss poitns.


Friday Weekend is not only a service to create various type of lotteries. It also the value. Main value is the reality over virtuality. I do not want to move live to the internet. Yellow banana people are the one who can accidentially throw out a brand new shiny apple device from the hand of the person who is staring at it except of observing the real wolrd. We just remind them where the real live is. We just dont get foolished by stupid social mass media mainstream.

We are spontanious. Tossing a coin always was fascinating for me. It is good to plan your life. But there must be a place for uncartainlity. Being a fool does not meen to be a brave one. But having no reflex is beeing a coward. You need to be able to help the weaker one. It means to fight with stronger sometimes. You need to be brave enough to face what the fate will bring.

Bananas are better than apples! We have a real fun!

Duties assignment

First use case of the Friday Weekend application is the following situation. Lets imagine a weekend and a group of 4 roommates. This will not be a wild party weekend. This will be a weekend of the unpleasent duties. Boring side of life: cleaning.

Please click Create a Weekend button and add all duties: 1) vacum cleaning, 2) floor washing, 3) dusting, 4) cleaning the kitchen, 5) cleaining the bathroom, 7) windows cleaning, 8) shopping, 9) cook the dinner. For each and every duty lets set minimal and maximal number of players to 1. It means only one person will be assigned to each duty. The only exception of this rule will become windows cleaning. Here lets set minimal and maximal amount of players to 2. Two persons will be assigned to cean windows.

Lets set the lottery date & time now. We should choose time in the future. Far enought so each of the roommates should be able to login for the game. Fifteen minutes should be enought. Lets set other options as well. Firs of all lets notice that all together we have 10 places in all duties. 8 single person duties and windows are for two persons. If each from our four roommates will enter the game 3 times, it will give us 12 places. It will fill all 10 roles and two players will become a lucky ones, who will have less to do. At least at this weekend :) On the choose date & time sccreen we should set minimal and maximal number of players to 12. Save the game. Write down the lottery code and pass it to all roommates.

Each roommate should now enter received code. Next each one should enter the game three times. When the lottery finishes players will become assigned to the duties. Additionally - one duty will become highlighted. For variety we can agree, that people assigned to the higlighted duty do not need to put their money for the shopping. At leas at this weekend :)